About us

Win Systems providies complete business solutions, including Point of Sale, Accounting/Bookkeeping solutions, Credit Card Processing, Business Intelligence, Office Management solutions,  Hardware solutions and Systems Networking.

We have relationships with businesses of every size from the small single operator to the large corporated multi-location company from California to New York, even Pago Pago American Samoa.  We provide our customers with business solutions that intergrate with the business requirements for today and for tomorrow.  We don't believe that we can just provide you with a POS system if we don't know your operational requirements including but not limited to accounting systems, shipping receiving and operational needs.  We have the experience and ability to help you determine what is right for your business, and if we can't find the solution we can and will assist in finding you the right places and people to offer those solutions.

Any corporation, department  or small business has specific needs and requirements, but they do not operate in a vacuum!  Each part of the puzzle must fit together to make a picture. We use this analogy when we we evaluate your business requirements for that optimal solution.  If you are looking for a point of sale system,  we don't just help you build a POS system. We look for intergrated solutions for your business before you spend the time and money and find you have to pay for additional software, hardware and training.  Or worse yet you find the system really does not provide the solutions that your business requires.

At Win Systems we are not your "computer person", we are your business solutions provider, and YES we can and will help you with all your system issues.  Win Systems can provide those solutions for Point of Sale, Accounting/Bookkeeping, Shipping/Automation, Office solutions intergration, Wired/Non Wired networking solutions, printing and Business Intelligence solutions.

Call (916) 395-2583 or email us at: info@winpossystems.com.

We can assist you with your existing systems, or we help you evaluate a new system if required.  Its the first place to start and we can provide you with a road map.  "Its easier to get where you are going if you know the way".

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